Registered Romanian Charity


Eli for Animals CIF 31967983

Eli for Animals was set up in 2013 by Claudia Dumitru. The charity mainly rehomes dogs in the UK.

More about ELI for Animals


Claudia Dumitru: Founder

Most people try not to see the stray dogs, or the old and scared ones abandoned in the public shelter. Claudia gave up the security of a good job to set up ELI for Animals and ELI Pet Transport, to do everything possible to alleviate the suffering that is everywhere in Romania. She lives with her dog-trainer partner Robert, and rather a large number of dogs, on the edge of a small town near Bucharest.  She feeds the strays as well as caring for many long-term residents - dogs too abused and damaged to be rehomed.


Thousands of pets transported to safety

If you're a stray dog or cat in Romania, a passport and booking on ELI Pet Transport's 'happy bus' is the ultimate get out of jail card. Weekly runs bring them in comfort to a chance at real life.

Adopters and fosters can collect their dogs from Kent, Hertfordshire or Nottinghamshire, and you can even see updates and pictures during your pet's two-day overland journey.


Charlotte: UK Co-ordinator

Charlotte Leech is a professional animal behaviourist and trainer. She will usually be the one to answer your questions, organise your homecheck, and liaise with you about everything. 

ELI involvement does not stop on adoption-day: we are always here to help, and we like nothing better than to hear about how everything is going - and to see photos, please!


Liz Campbell

Liz joined the Eli team after adopting her lovely girl Bella from us. Over the years Liz has helped hugely with fundraising, fostering dogs and setting this website up for us. Liz took her first trip to Romania in 2018 to see it all for herself and it certainly won't be her last.


Jeni Arnold

Jeni has been part of the Eli team for some years and has a lot of experience with Romanian dogs. She has been a real asset to the team by fostering our fearful dogs and rehabilitating them so they are ready for their forever homes, without her the dogs would have remained in Romania. 


Rachael Patrick

Rachael joined the Eli team after adopting her dog Foxy through us in 2017 (you can see a theme here! ha). Rachael is brilliant at fostering the puppies and shy dogs so they are ready for their forever homes. Rachael took her first trip to Romania late 2018 and came back with a list of dogs she'd like to foster!

Spay & Neuter

Tackling excessive breeding

This is where we can really make a difference, getting to the root of the problem. To keep un-neutered cats and dogs and to allow them to roam and breed is ingrained in Romanian culture - but with the work of ELI and other organisations this is at last beginning to change. 

Neutering just one animal can save thousands of unwanted puppies or kittens being born to short, miserable lives.  This is the only way to break the cycle.

The free neutering service organised by ELI and partner organisations provides special neutering sessions and there is always huge demand, with people bringing animals in from far and wide.

A spay or neuter here is relatively cheap - just 25 euros - and prevents untold suffering.  

Who will help ELI prevent hundreds of unwanted pups and kittens being born - and being left out to freeze to death, or be thrown out with the rubbish?

Paypal:   Please choose friends & family option and mention for spay/neuter ... It's simple, for 25 euros an animal will be neutered because of you!