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Romania has countless homeless dogs. Sadly breeding between stray dogs got WAY out of hand. The problem is huge and we do what we can ...

Desperately seeking: you?

Tim the Romanian rescue dog, awaiting his forever home

View dogs currently awaiting their forever homes. Some are in UK foster, and some are still in Romania.  

Frequently asked questions


Considering adopting an ELI dog?  Please read this section before getting in touch.  It answers the most common questions about how it alll works. 

Fostering saves lives


Most ELI fosters are people who have adopted a Romanian dog and would like to help more dogs to safety and a better life.  Fostering can be an incredibly rewarding experience. 

ELI Happy stories


This is what makes it all worthwhile: when a dog has been through rough times but is now enjoying a pampered-pooch lifestyle.  We have a Facebook group where you can view and post your ELI happy-dog updates.

Get involved


ELI is run by volunteers.  We may not always be able to respond immediately, but we want to hear from you! There are many ways you could help us: adopt, foster, fundraise, donate - or tell your friends about us.