Fostering saves lives


By adopting you can save one, or a few ...

But if you can find it in your heart to foster, you could save tens, even hundreds.  There is huge demand for these dogs.

Once in the UK, many are snapped up within the first month - even oldies! All UK-fostered dogs stand a better chance of finding their perfect home.  Adopters appreciate the opportunity to know so much more about their prospective pooch than they would in a direct-from-kennels situation.


It's rewarding, even addictive ...

Say our fosterers. We are not saying it's always a doddle. But then, what truly rewarding things in life are all plain sailing? 

Most people can foster ... often it suits those who don't want the commitment of a forever dog. All you need is a suitable home, some time, patience and understanding. 

Experience with rescue dogs is normally a requirement, ideally Romanian ones but that is not essential.


"I would never be able to give one up"

Is a common response.  Even if we don't say it ourselves, our friends and family might say it of us. Why not prove them wrong?  
In doing so you show your strength as a true animal lover.

Parting with a foster can be hard, especially the first time. 

But sadness is mixed with a great happiness and pride in what you have done for that dog, off to lead a full life - and for the next one who took their place in safety, be it from the cruel streets or the horrors of the kill shelter.  


"Aren't there enough dogs in UK rescue?"

Is something we hear often. There are of course quite a lot, but many of them are of particular breeds, which were over-bred - and a large proportion of  adopters prefer a nice mutt. In addition, many UK rescues take in dogs from Romania and other parts of Europe, as Dogs Trust has done for years.

The other major difference is that dogs in the UK rescue system are cared for with adequate food/water, exercise in a special area, walks with volunteers.  Whilst dogs in Claudia's care also enjoy such priveleges, those in the public shelters certainly do not.  Most live in fear and die in the -20° unheated pens in Winter if not killed first.


It's about quality

Rather than grabbing hundreds of dogs and shipping them off to any-old-where, the ELI way is all about quality of the experience for everyone. The right dog to the right home.

One or two of our fosters specialise in working with shy, damaged and traumatiesed dogs. Others may suit oldies - or even dogs with disabilities. We must always take into consideration your existing 'pack' and try to find dogs who will fit in. 


Want to know more?

If you feel ready, or even just interested in taking this wonderful next step, please get in touch, we will be delighted to discuss everything with you and answer any questions.