Eli Dog Sanctuary


This is the place where some of our dogs live (except the ones who live with us in foster); many of them have behavioural issues and slim chances to ever leave us. Some dogs are already promoted and wait for their chance to be adopted. This place is mainly open space, all the dogs spend the day in a yard of 1200 mp, only during the night they have separate rooms, in small groups of 2-3 dogs per room, each room has its own garden too (for new arrivals till we slowly introduce them to the big pack). This is the place where they learn to trust people in their own way and time, where they forget about the traumas from the past and always have choices, never pushed to do anything against their will. This is the basic step for a dog to evolve, to have a reset and start acting like a pet, accepting humans. Our plan for this summer is to finish the construction, to paint the building and buy armchairs for each room, in order to be similar with a home. We do have a CCTV surveillance system so they can be monitored from our home, for their safety. We are realistic and know not all the dogs will have their own home in future, but at least they can have decent life here for as long as they live.