Some of our Lonely hearts

Bob - fostered in Shropshire


Bob is an 8 month old pup who's currently fostered in Shropshire. He lived with a kitten in Romania; they were best pals.  He always wants to play with every dog or cat, but has learned in foster that oldies are not keen!

He walks well on the lead and is very responsive to food.  Everything is new to him and is a little afraid, so will need an experienced adopter to continue to slowly socialise him and help him overcome his fears as he is still wary of people. He is a bright pup and will make a lovely companion - he just needs that perfect forever family ideally with another dog for play and to learn from.



Sebastian is an 10 month old labrador cross. He was rescued as a small pup from Odai public shelter. He has a very gentle nature and can be shy at first but once you've spent a little time with him he is so cuddly and loving.

He is quick to learn and picks up commands in no time. He's looking for a committed family who will have the time and patience to build up his confidence. He would do well in a home with an adult confident dog that he can follow the lead from.

Wolf - fostered in Bristol from 13th June


 Wolf is an 8 year old, large male dog, fit and healthy.  Currently in Odai public shelter, he desperately waits for weekends to be walked and cuddled by the volunteers. After we leave he has a sad face and spend most of the time in his wood crate. We would just love to find Wolf a home. Obviously he hasn’t lived in one before so you would need to be prepared to settle him in and not be upset if he isn’t house trained at first, because they do pick these things up  quickly and want to be clean. Wolf gets on very well with the other dogs at the shelter big and small. He does have some preferences with certain males, usually if they are too pushy. He just craves human attention and is longing for his happily ever after. Could this be with you?  

Clint - fostered in Derby


Clint is a 9 month old large sized male pup who is currently fostered in Derby. Many of you will recognise him as he was rescued by us as a small pup. Clint hasn’t had the best of luck but has landed on his paws with a lovely foster home. Clint is currently in foster with two other Rommie dogs who he was so desperate to play with as soon as he met them! He really is just a lovable big doofus in the nicest way! We don’t think he realises his size. We would say he’s in between Labrador - German Shepherd. Clint needs someone who is used to handling large breed dogs as he can be strong when he wants to be! He is still very much a playful pup and loves his toys. Clint has slept through the night since day one, been clean in the house and would be happy to join a family who already have an active dog.

Billy - fostered in Co. Durham


Billy is a 9 month old shepherd mix male pup currently fostered in Co. Durham. He is affectionate and adores other dogs. He has a basic level of obedience. He’s going though adolescence at the moment which isn’t the easiest age for a dog! He has a lot of potential and really needs a home with other dogs as he doesn’t cope so well on his own. He really needs someone who has the time for him. He’s currently in foster with older children, dogs, cats and other animals. He could potentially be homed with cats but would very much depend on the cat and the amount of training the adopter would do to carefully introduce the animals and create harmony within the home. Billy is a playful pup and loves nothing more than playing with other dogs and with his toys.

Zia - fostered in Shropshire from 30th May


Zia is a small/medium female of around 4-5 years old.  We are not sure how she attracted Claudia's attention out of the 800+ dogs in the public shelter ... she must be special as she is not very old or young and was not sick or injured.  What we do know is that she's a very friendly, playful girl who gets on well with other dogs.

She'd suit most families but is probably not the best choice if you have  cats.



Puck is a 7 month old pup. He is very friendly, full of energy and personality. He will need to channel his energy into some kind of activity in the future like agility. For now, some obedience training would be good and lots of love of course which he'll give back in buckets full. He has short legs so pretty certain he'll remain a small dog.



Fergus is an adorable german shephard mix, around 2 years old, very loving nature and so focused on training and treats.

He, like many other dogs from us, was rescued from Odai public shelter, having a capacity of 700 dogs and where the conditions are not great.

He is very playful and friendly with dogs, but he has preferences regarding some males. We also need a cat free home for him because he is too interested in the cats outside.

We are looking for an active family for our boy, ideal with a young female too, he is brilliant with people, bonding straight away, eager to learn tricks and new things, fantastic for many types of dog training/sports.



Heidi is a 3 year old small collie mix. She was brought into odai public shelter after being caught by the dog catchers. Her condition is pretty good and we do believe she must have once belonged to someone. She is a very sweet girl who loves a fuss.



Mac is a 7 year old male shepherd mix. He is a very loving, soulful dog. He mixes brilliantly with people including children. He mixes well with other dogs too but would be most suited to live as an only dog or with a female dog. He responds well to training and is eager to learn. He will be a loyal companion for someone.

Maya - fostered in Wiltshire from 13th June

Maya is a 2 year old female collie mix. You may remember at the end of March we were alerted that th

Maya is a 2 year old female collie mix. You may remember at the end of March we were alerted that there was a dog abandoned in the woods and left tied to a tree. The poor girl was terrified and confused. It didn’t take long for her to realise we were good people and she soon started to grow in confidence in our care. Maya is now a playful, happy girl who loves other dogs and is eager for a fuss when she sees you. She has soft brown eyes that melt your heart. Now after some time in our care her coat is shining and she is healthy. Maya is ready for a forever home to call her own. I am sure she would love to be adopted in a home with another dog if possible. She hasn’t been cat tested but can be arranged if necessary.

Stanley - reserved


Stanley is a 3 year old medium sized male dog. 

For some weeks we observed much more food eaten in the garage. Feral cats have access there, but the entrance is quite small, designed for  cat size.... Well, this "little guy" succeeded to go in and out for many nights, till one day when he decided to sleep over night, so we can meet him. Hmmm, what to do with a dog who can, but never thinks to run away.... So he was moved to our sanctuary and he will be vaccinated, neutered and ready to travel to the UK once he has a home lined up. As i'm sure you realise by now he's a very friendly, lovable boy who made sure we'd find him a home!



Callie is a 6 month old female dog, abandoned with her brothers in the public shelter. 

She's medium-sized and very sweet and friendly with all, and has had some training. 

Whilst she has been a pup she's had some freedom to roam the area around the vet clinic - but soon, unless she is adopted, she will be shut away in one of the small pens.

Blackie - fostered in Norfolk mid June

Beatrix for adoption

Blackie is a 1.5 year old medium sized female. 


She was rescued about a year ago from a terrible public shelter which means early experiences have left her cautious with new people.  She adores the people she knows, she is very loving and a good kisser :), but will bark at strangers, visitors and won't let any  touch her. Otherwise she is fully house trained, walks brilliant on-lead, she is very good off lead too, very playful with dogs and delicate with cats.  She just needs an adopter who will understand her needs and not put pressure on her at first.

 Once she trusts you, she will love and follow you no matter what



Lottie is a 3 year old medium sized female dog. Lottie was rescued by us as a small pup in 2016. We rescued many pups in that period of time and, unfortunately Lottie is the only one still with us - through no fault of her own as she was more confident as a pup than some of the others - it was purely bad luck. 

Now she lives in our yard in Romania with other dogs in our care. She can be shy initially but if you spend 1-2-1 time with her and have food then her confidence soon grows! Lottie needs someone who has the time and patience to show her the world. It's not too late and she really deserves better.


Lina has been in the public shelter for quite some time. She is a gentle calm dog, and has shared her box with a lot of different dogs and never had a problem.  She is a bit nervous about being taken out of her known space but she is learning quickly. 

Lina is around 6-7 yearsvold, and is big size. 



Peanut is a  stunning boy of about 18 months.   He is shy at first, meeting new people, but gradually gains confidence and welcomes being touched and fussed. 

He is a calm and steady dog, of small to medium size. 



Linda is a beautiful girl of about one year old. She is medium size, quiet and friendly with people she knows, but still shy with strangers. She is part of the training and socialization program at Odai shelter and she has made a lot of progress: she walks with a leash and pays attention to commands.  She has more to learn yet, but with patience she will be a really super dog for her furever family.



Suzie is a gorgeous female dog, about 5-6 years old, very intelligent and extremely friendly and loving. She is middle-sized, about the size of a collie, and has a beautiful coat that needs grooming.  

Is there someone out there with a brush, perhaps in need of a cuddle? 



Zora is a female between 1 and 2 years old . She's a medium to large sized dog, with a beautiful character and a gentle, glowing expression - like a summer morning's sunrise. She is a dog that you just don't want to stop petting and spoiling, because she knows how to receive love and enjoy it.

She would suit most families and is fine with male dogs, but may be better in a home without other female dogs.  



Milo is  young male dog, a little under a year old. He's probably a shepherd cross and is medium size.

Still a little shy, he needs to find a family quickly so he can have the chance to fulfil his potential. 



Fax is a young male, around 1 year old. He was abandoned in the shelter by his own master, for reasons we don't know and can't imagine, because Fax is an absolutely adorable pup. He is medium-sized, athletic and energetic. He is friendly with everyone, dogs and people, but he needs human contact. He gets bored in the corral and the happiest is when he gets attention.  He would be perfect for an active adopter or family. 



 Africa is a labrador mix, aprox 8 years old with an amazing personality and still very active and full of life. 

Africa currently lives in a shelter environment, but has had a lot of training, walking brilliantly on a lead and being socialised.  Africa would prefer to be rehomed with a male dog or as an only dog.  

She hasn't been tested around cats but this can be arranged if needed.
Africa is very suitable for many types of famillies, but we advice to be adopted by those who can keep her busy, with long walks and mental stimulation.



 Onyx is a 7-8 Year old boy , big sized, very gentle with everybody, with people and dogs. Maybe a bit problematic with other dominant males. Lives now in a kennel with a dominant female. 



  Max is a beauty of a dog, about 2 years old, medium size, well balanced and athletic, curious and energetic. He is friendly with people and the other dogs, advancing very well in the training program and soon he will be the perfect companion for an active family, perhaps with children, where he can get plenty of exercise and attention. 



Sara is a gorgeous female dog,  approximately 10 months old.  She is very friendly and intelligent, having quickly learned how to walk on the leash. She is middle sized. 

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Cute Flavia is tiny, only 25cm tall and 6kg.  She was rescued by a friend of ELI, from a place where she was with lot of big dogs - meaning her chances of surviving the approaching winter were low as she is a cautious, gentle soul. She is missing some front teeth; we don't know who/what hit her.  Around 3 years old, Flavia has been spayed and is ready to travel. Now all she needs is a foster or forever home.  She can walk on the lead, learns well, and is fine with other dogs; we think cats would be fine too but can test if needed. She'd suit any home without very young children; she'd also be great for older person seeking a small companion.  



Bobby is a 5 year old Pekingese cross. He came to us from another rescuer, with his friend Millie. 

Bobby is a real character and you can’t help but smile with him around. He’s a little clown and loves to give you kisses. He’d suit a family with adults/older children. He can happily live with other dogs.

Inka - fostered in Manchester


Inka is a 10 month old female pup currently fostered in Manchester. She is blind and needs a special family to take her on. She is so sweet and loving and very trusting of people too. 

She is very much a normal pup in many ways. She is in foster with other dogs and is eager to chase around with them on a walk, even going paddling in rivers! 

*Update:  Inka has now had her eye operation and is recovering well.