Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an adoption fee?

Yes, it's £275.  This covers your pet's vaccinations, microchip, neutering (unless a puppy and too young), worm/tick/flea treatments, and transport from Romania to the UK. All ELI dogs arrive with their passport and all vaccinatons up to date. 

Will there be a homecheck?

Yes. Homechecks benefit everybody, as no-one wants to go through the upset of a failed adoption. The home checker (part of a UK-wide network of volunteers) will make sure that your home and lifestyle is suitable for the dog you are looking to adopt. There is no charge for the home check. 

Where can I pick my dog up from?

If you're adopting directly from Romania, your dog will travel in comfort with ELI Pet Transport. There are several pick-up points you can collect your new family-member from (we will advise your nearest). For dogs in UK foster, you can be in touch with the foster and meet the dog first/collect from them directly. 

Will the dog be house-trained?

Possibly but there are no guarantees. Some ELI dogs will have lived in a house before and others not. In most cases, these dogs seem to be naturally 'clean' and, barring an early accident or two, most of them will be fine within days. They tend to be easier to train than the average puppy in this respect ... but NO guarantees! 

Will the dog be OK with other dogs or cats?

Most of them are fine with other dogs and, if not, we will advise you (and you can read this in their description).  Some may be fostered with cats and, if the dog is in UK foster, cat-testing can usually take place before you adopt if this is a crucial issue for you.


What should I bring when collecting our dog?

You will need to bring a crate, a slip lead, and your ID (passport or driving licence). Safety is paramount when you bring home a dog that has come so far and will likely be feeling insecure and disoriented. There are further guidelines which we expect all adopters and fosters to follow.  Better safe than sorry! 

Do you home dogs with young children?

As a general rule, no. However it does depend on the dog you choose, to a certain extent, and also on the children - not just a hard-and-fast rule on age but with some dogs, youngish children are fine if they are used to interacting with, and respecting animals. If it's borderline, your homechecker will make an important contribution to the decision.  

What if it doesn't work out?

If you have problems, our UK co-ordinator Charlotte is on hand to help you overcome any issues, such as behavioural problems.  Very occasionally, despite all our best efforts, an adopter will need to relinquish a dog back to ELI. Usually a foster place can be found among our UK volunteers.  This really is a worst-case scenario and occurs for example when the adopter's circumstances unexpectedly change.  

How will a Romanian dog understand English commands?

You will be surprised how quickly they pick up the basics. A Romanian dog will learn English commands (or words-of-interest such as Dinner or Walkies) just as quickly as a locally-grown dog.